Women are much more than their bodies……

'Iran reduces women to baby-making machines' reads 15thMarch Times article. In order to increase the birth rate, new legislation has been proposed which would mean that single people cannot teach, childless lawyers cannot practice family law and employers would have to appoint women with children.

A deputy director of Amnesty international said that the measures would "send a message that women are good for nothing more than being obedient housewives and creating babies.'

During  my 8 years in Jordan, I came to know many women of whom this was true; a 38 year old wedding guest with the most beautiful eyes that I ever saw but not a tooth in her head. She was breast- feeding her 16th child. A friend who was married at 15 years old who had raised fourteen children in an ancient tomb.

I saw many women who were old before their time, the calcium leeched from their bodies, their knees exhausted and painful from multiple pregnancies.

I once commented to a group of five men that women were a lot more than their bodies. Four laughed at me. Only one quietly nodded in agreement.

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