Living With Arabs

Nine Years with the Petra Bedouin

Horrendous news from the Middle East daily fills our newspapers and screens. How can we begin to understand what drives people to treat each other as they do? 'Medieval' is a word often used. Well-informed commentators analyse political and military issues but give little insight into the cultural and domestic backgrounds of the protagonists.

LIVING WITH ARABS is an account of nine years spent visiting and living among the Bedouin tribes of Petra in Southern Jordan; in some ways a world away from the neighbouring war zones. Through insightful accounts of day-to-day life, a world of nobility and simplicity is revealed: so too is a world of violence, gender imbalance, the significance of Islam and thereby, a greater understanding of how our Moslem neighbours live and think.

The shocking, the funny, the heart-warming - they are all here.


Also available to order from Waterstones UK and online formats at Kobo, iTunes and ePubDirect

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Living with Arabs

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